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Temperatures remain low, while morale stays high

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. David Kujawa
  • 127th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

During the February super drill at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, members from several departments within the 127th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron pushed through extreme cold weather conditions to continue unimpeded flight operations. The squadron is comprised of several different departments that work together with a common goal of getting A-10 Thunderbolt II’s in the air.

“I love being in the mix, we’re all here working together to get planes off the ground,” said Tech. Sgt. Ben Jonkman, 127th AMXS crew chief.

The AMXS is a diverse group with some seasoned members and others just stepping into their field. Working together allows them to accomplish their mission efficiently. Whether behind the scenes or on the flight line, every member plays a key role. Senior Airman Nathan Boyd-Cleaver, a member of the 127th AMXS command support staff, works at his desk taking care of many essentials that helps keep the Squadron’s Airmen focused on their task at hand.

“I like the comrade that AMXS has.  Everyone takes care of each other.  We’re like family,” Boyd-Cleaver said.

The flight line operates at a high level of professionalism, with traditional members who report monthly and active full-time technicians. With these combined efforts, work is able to continue seamlessly day-to-day without any interruption throughout the aircraft maintenance squadron.

 “From my short time here, Selfridge seems very similar to the active duty bases I have served at,” said Tech. Sgt. Dan Koscielniak, 127th AMXS weapons.

Despite the extreme weather conditions in Michigan, Airmen throughout the squadron appear to stay positive Squadron Airmen said. Everyone understands the importance of the mission and knows what is required of them. Each department fulfills specific roles that is essential for the overall goal of putting planes in the air and ensuring they arrive home safe.

“If it’s hot or cold out the planes still have to get fixed, so were out there,” Staff Sgt. Travis Bowman said.

Selfridge, in its 100th year of operation has no shortage in personnel with exceptionally high morale, professional work skills, and a commitment to Selfridge’s mission. 

 “Our shop is in a really good place right now, leadership is great, the training program is good, I wouldn’t change a thing,” Jonkman said.

The 127th Wing is comprised of approximately 1,700 Citizen-Airmen and is the largest organization in the Michigan Air National Guard. The Wing operates both the A-10 Thunderbolt II, an air-to-ground attack aircraft, and the KC-135 Stratotanker, an aerial refueling platform.