1. In accordance with Air Force Policy Directive 90-8, Environment, Safety & Occupational Health Management and Risk Management, this memorandum delineates the environmental commitment statement of the 127th Wing at Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

2. The 127th Wing is committed to conducting its mission in an environmentally responsible manner that protects human health, natural resources and the environment. We are dedicated to continued improvement of our processes to prevent pollution and reduce waste generation. The 127th’s mission includes operation and maintenance of KC-135 and A-10 aircraft to include corrosion control, aerospace ground equipment, vehicle maintenance and facility maintenance. We will comply with all environmental laws and regulations applicable to the conduct of this mission.


3. In support of our environmental commitment, we will strive to:

    a. Promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural and manmade materials;

    b. Prevent environmental pollution and minimize waste generation;

    c. Build environmental concerns into policies, programs and missions;

    d. Set environmental goals, measure progress, and take corrective action when necessary;

    e. Achieve continuous improvement in environmental performance over and above regulatory and legislative requirements; and,

    f. Work in partnership with all stakeholders to promote waste reduction.


4. Compliance with this Environmental Commitment Statement is the responsibility of every member of the 127th Wing, as well as tenants and contractors working at Selfridge.

Energy & Environment


The Department of Defense, Air Force and National Guard Bureau have created new initiatives to conserve energy and the environment. The 127th Wing is committed to following federal, state and local guidance; using energy and resources in the most cost-effective, efficient ways possible; and continuing to find new ways to "go green." The efforts are ongoing, and goal is to make Selfridge Air National Guard Base an energy-saving, environmentally conscious model for other bases.

System Programs

In order to assure that environmental considerations are always at the forefront of base officials' decision making, Selfridge ANG Base has a robust Environmental Management System in place. To address significant aspects of the EMS which may have potential to have the most impact on the environment in the course of mission accomplishment, Environmental Management Action Plans are developed to study or improve these conditions

The 127 CES/CEV staff and the Environmental Cross Function Team have identified the following significant aspects at Selfridge.  Click on the links below for more information about these ongoing programs:

Hazardous Waste Management 
Solid Waste Diversion Management
Toxic Substance Management
Natural Resources Management
Cultural Resources Management
Water Quality Management