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Protect America's skies, serve your community

Learn new skills, serve your state and country while working part-time in the Air National Guard. Learn valuable, high-tech skills that can help launch or enhance your civilian career. Serve close to home.

  • Space-available air travel
  • Military Retirement Plan
  • Lawful permanent residents may be eligible for path to U.S. citizenship
  • Military burial assistance & death gratuity


The Recruiting office is located at the Visitors Center at Jefferson and M-59

Mon-Fri and drill weekends 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.:
Toll Free: 800-432-4296  
Local: (586) 239-5511

Recruiting Flight Chief
Master Sgt. Brandon Hamm
(586) 239-2487

Officer Accession Recruiter
Tech Sgt. Justin Nabarrette
(586) 239-2485

Production Recruiter
Tech Sgt. Jesse Becker
(586) 239-4942

Production Recruiter
Tech Sgt. Jason Manasseri
(586) 239-2489

Production Recruiter
Tech Sgt. Kataryna Ostrowski
(586) 239-2486


Located in building 304, the retention office provides assistance with in & out processing, early separation, transfers, incentives, career changes and more.
Office Hours 
Tues - Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
RSD Saturday: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
RSD Sunday: 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Retention Office Manager
Master Sgt. Chandra Corrado
(586) 239-4031

Basic Military Training

MI University Veterans Resources

WSU's "Active Military Student Discount"

Individuals in any state on active duty in any component of the U.S. Armed Forces, including Reserves and National Guard, on or before the first day of classes will receive a 50 percent tuition discount, the most expansive tuition benefit program for currently serving military personal students offered by any four-year institution in Michigan.


Office of Military and Veterans Academic Excellence.

Current as of July 2024


Veterans at Oakland University receive many benefits including:

  • priority registration.
  • four free electives for undergraduate Veteran students; review of American Council on Education credit for military courses
  • in-state tuition rates to any veteran or dependent, using VA educational benefits, regardless of residence.
  • no late payment penalties for Chapter 33 or Chapter 31 recipients when VA tuition payments are received after a bill due date.
  • no penalties in case of deployments or federal orders requiring service members to relocate outside of their geographical area.
  • access to Student Veterans of Oakland University, a recognized student organization that brings together veterans for social and volunteer activities

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Current as of July 2024

Veterans or those currently serving in the United States Armed Forces and their covered individuals automatically qualify for resident tuition rates, but must supply documentation of status as a veteran, active military member, or covered individual (spouse, dependent, or individual using educational assistance*)


NMU Veterans

Current as of July 2024

Western Michigan University will grant in-state tuition to all individuals who are eligible for VA educational benefits.

Western Michigan University will also grant in-state tuition to all individuals who are not eligible for VA educational benefits but have honorably served or are serving in the Reserve or Active Components of the US Armed Forces.

Western Michigan University will additionally grant in-state tuition to dependents of those individuals who have honorably served or are serving in the Reserve or Active Components of the US Armed Forces, but would otherwise not be eligible for VA educational benefits. For this purpose, a child is a dependent as defined by IRS income tax regulations. This term also includes a spouse, widow or widower of a service-member or veteran who has honorably served.

WMU Office of Military and Veterans Affairs

U.S. military veterans, dependents of military veterans, ROTC, and students who are active duty follow the same process as other undergraduate and graduate student applicants. This page tells you where to find instructions and who to contact for more information.

FSU Michigan National Guard Tuition Program grants a 25% tuition discount

Some other benefits include:

Current as of July 2024

The Peter Secchia Military and Veterans Resource Center provides military students the resources, and programming. 

Central Michigan University offers discounted tuition at $250 per credit hour.

Active military members qualify for up to 50 percent off tuition in recognition of your service, and there’s no application fee. We also offer need-based awards to veterans.

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