Personnel Office Enlists CHRIS To Aid in Force Management

  • Published
  • By TSgt. Dan Heaton
  • 127th Public Affairs
With the enlistment of CHRIS, Selfridge commanders will be better able to manage and shape the 127th Wing's work force.

But CHRIS is no slick-sleeve new recruit. It is the Command Human Resources Intelligence System, a relatively new personnel tracking and management software tool being tested at Selfridge and a few other Air National Guard locations around the nation. It is expected to go live at Selfridge over the next few months and eventually be implemented across the ANG.

"Once CHRIS is activated, the chain of command will be able to better manage the workforce," said Chief Master Sgt. Gary Fantauzzo, superintendent of the 127th Force Support Squadron. The system will track the personnel data on all 1,700 uniformed members who serve in the 127th Wing.

The CHRIS system will allow squadron commanders or their designees - such as first sergeants or unit training managers - to be able to quickly develop reports on their personnel, such as the promotion eligibility status of all the staff sergeants in a particular squadron. The system will also allow function managers at ANG Headquarters to track manpower issues, such as examining how many fully trained crew chiefs a wing has, compared to, for example, how many crew chief slots exist on the wing's manning document.

"It will create for much more transparency in personnel management at every level," Fantauzzo said.

Maj. Vernetta Hughes, 127th FSS commander, said the new system will allow leaders to quickly access the information to shape the force to meet the Wing's mission, serving three separate major commands.

"As commanders, it is important to have data reports at your fingertips to support key decision-making," Hughes said. "CHRIS reports can provide key personnel data to help with force management decisions, provide knowledge of unit demographics, etc."

The CHRIS system was originally developed by the Air Force Material Command at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and was implemented there about six years ago. In 2009, ANG selected four states, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and California to test and de-bug the system. Fantauzzo traveled to Wright-Patterson to be trained on the system and has since trained several other 127th personnel specialists in its application.

Fantauzzo said once the Wing begins to use the CHRIS system, the Force Support Squadron will continue to maintain and input data into the personnel records, but most information requests will be able to be handled by first sergeants or orderly room NCOs in the various squadrons.  "I used to try to keep a log of every time we received a request for a particular report on a spreadsheet," the chief said. "I had to give up on that, we receive so many requests. Now those reports can be generated directly by the commanders.

Hughes said she's proud of the work the Airmen in her squadron have done to help the ANG prepare for the transition to CHRIS.

"127th FSS looks forward to leading the way in more opportunities to test Air Force technology," she said.