Base leadership team up to find source of legionnaire's disease

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  • By 127th Public Affairs
Officials reported today that four confirmed cases of legionnaires and one suspect case have been discovered among employees here. The affected include one employee of the 127th Wing, Michigan Air National Guard. The others all work for TACOM.

About two weeks ago, TACOM leadership noticed a spike in employees reporting illness in two specific buildings at Selfridge. As more information was gathered through Army command channels, Maj. Gen. Kurt Stein, TACOM commander, and his staff proactively began to coordinate with the host unit, 127th Wing, to address the various issues surrounding these reports. They made the decision to relocate employees of the facilities to other areas, and contracted to thoroughly sanitize both facilities, including a complete disinfection of a cooling tower at one building. U.S. Army Public Health Command was called in to assist the local staff of both commands.

A multi-disciplinary team is on site, including an epidemiologist and public health physician, who are working with the 127th Wing and TACOM public health personnel performing medical surveys, interviews and investigation measures to assist with capturing data for those who are reporting ill.

"We are taking this very seriously and are working hand-in-hand with TACOM leadership and this cross-disciplinary team doing everything we can to leave no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of this issue," stated Brig. Gen. Michael L. Peplinski, 127th Wing commander, at a press conference held today.

At this time, base leadership are reaching out to its full-time and traditional guard and reserve personnel and others who frequent the base with information about what has happened at the base and education on the disease. They are also encouraging anyone who may be presenting with pneumonia-like symptoms of cough, chills and fever to seek medical attention.

Gen. Peplinski commented, "While we, the command, are not in the position to provide medical advice, we are sharing information about the situation and the disease with our employees and reminding them to check with their physicians if they have personal health questions."