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‘Top Three’ mentors tomorrow’s leaders

  • Published
  • By Penelope Carroll
  • 127th Wing

The 127th Wing’s ‘Top Three’ organization held a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Induction Ceremony at Selfridge Air National Guard Base May 18, 2024.

In front of an auditorium full of wing leaders and peers, 26 Airmen from across the 127th Wing were celebrated in honor of their achieving the rank of Master Sergeant.

“I'm truly thankful the ‘Top Three’ decided to put together the Senior Enlisted Induction Ceremony,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Jabett Glenn, command support staff for the 127th Mission Support Group. “Not only was it extremely important to me because of the commitment and honor in finally being a part of the senior enlisted ranks, but it was so amazing for my family to also be a part of the experience. Their pride in what I do and why I serve keeps me serving each and every day.”

‘Top Three’ aims to enhance the leadership skills of its members by providing opportunities for mentorship, networking, and sharing best practices. This specific event was held to recognize the achievements and contributions of enlisted personnel reaching the upper 3 of the enlisted ranks.

“We wanted to establish a tradition and culture that recognizes the achievements of members as they join the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer corps,” said Senior Master Sgt. Catherine Finocchiaro, inspector general superintendent and part of the Top Three group that hosted the event. “It's surprising how under-recognized this milestone is, considering that moving into the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer corps is a significant career advancement. This transition comes with heightened expectations and responsibilities, marking a pivotal moment in an enlisted member's career.”

The twenty-six members recognized were promoted to the senior enlisted rank in 2023 and 2024. The new Master Sgts. are:

• Joshua Batschke, 191st Maintenance Squadron
• Michael Mazzola, 191st Maintenance Operations Flight
• Jason Klemanski, 127th Air Refueling Group
• Laurance Wilson, 127th Air Refueling Group
• Dustin Prytula, 127th Air Refueling Group
• Michael Cline, 127th Air Refueling Group
• Matthew Urbanke127th Air Refueling Group
• Robert Akers, 191st Operations Support Squadron
• Matthew Coffman, 191st Operations Support Squadron
• Jessica Chatfield, 171st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
• Brandon Hamm, 127th Wing Headquarters
• Danielle Heilig, 127th Wing Headquarters
• Joshua McLane, 127th Security Forces Squadron
• Austin Brown, 127th Security Forces Squadron
• Michael Mazure, 127th Maintenance Squadron
• Ryan Sedlow, 127th Maintenance Squadron
• Nicholas Putinsky, 127th Maintenance Squadron
• Tony Dixon, 127th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
• Nicholas West, 127th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
• Shawn Snyder, 127th Logistics Readiness Squadron
• Steven Hackett, 127th Logistics Readiness Squadron
• Destiny Lowe, 127th Communications Squadron
• Jabett Glenn, 127th Mission Support Group
• Christopher Powell, 127th Civil Engineer Squadron
• Ian McLaughlin, 127th Civil Engineer Squadron
• Jeremy Mosley, 127th Civil Engineer Squadron

The Top Three group has plans to conduct professional development opportunities for its members focusing on both personal and professional growth. The organization is also mentoring junior enlisted members to foster a culture of growth and support within 127th Wing teams, ensuring that all wing members have the opportunity to learn and advance in their careers.

Finocchiaro said, “Continuously developing events like these shows dedication to the ongoing improvement and support of our younger members, which is key to maintaining a thriving organization.”