Selfridge Finance Airman's Job Really Pays Off

  • Published
  • By By MSgt. David Kujawa
  • 127th Wing Public Affairs
In one of the quietest offices on the base, where members of the 127th Wing concentrate on keeping the base's bills paid daily, you will find Senior Airman Jeremy Collins of the 127th Comptroller Flight. Collins plays a role behind the scenes ensuring that funds are provided for basic functioning costs such as payroll and building maintenance to mention a few of Selfridge's operating expenses.

"Integrity with government funds is something you do not learn but possess" is a value Airman Collins lives daily. Collins is required to take a Fiscal Law Course annually to be updated on what can be paid for with government funds and what is disallowed. Collins' job is forever changing with the continual changing of the Air National Guard.

Airman Collins joined the Guard after attending Northwood Business College for six years. In the pursuit of a meaningful career that is satisfying and filled with opportunity, Collins joined the U. S. Air Force, working with aerospace ground equipment. Not long into his enlistment, Collins career path and life's circumstances changed drastically. Within a little more than a year, Collins changed career fields, married, and welcomed his daughter into the world. While juggling all the responsibilities of his new career path and family life, Collins found the energy to complete the business management degree he started nine years prior.

Collins has taken his military career to a new level by applying and receiving a full time position in the finance department.

"Collins' duty performance, customer courtesies, (are) at a highly motivated level, so much so that we put him in for Airman of the year," said Master Sgt. Christopher Coron, Collins' supervisor. "His high level of motivation and discipline in his life is a byproduct to what he calls 'admirable relationships acquired and mentorship received!'"

Collins' outside hobby is carpentry, building anything from picture frames to sheds.

"Learning and tinkering with new technology is a passion of mine," says Collins.