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NOSC Detroit to celebrate 100 years of Navy Reserve service

  • Published
  • By MC1(SW) David Wyscaver
  • NOSC Detroit Public Affairs
Navy Operational Support Center Detroit is scheduled to celebrate 100 years of Navy Reserve service during a centennial ceremony, open to current reservists, veterans and other personnel with base access, March 7 at 1 p.m. in Hangar, Bldg. 1425 on base.

The centennial celebration will feature guest of honor U.S. Senator and Navy veteran Gary Peters, who will emphasize the rich tradition and heritage of the Navy Reserves.

"The ceremony is intended to highlight and recognize the sacrifices made by Sailors, families, and the community to defend our nation and our values.  The ready willingness to serve and sacrifice by our citizen Sailors, ensures that our national foundation remains intact and helps keep our nation great," said Cmdr. Chan Shin, commanding officer, NOSC Detroit.  "We must continue to honor their commitment and sacrifice in ceremonies such as this, so that our citizens are reminded that our freedom is truly not free."

"I feel it's important to highlight significant milestones of Michigan Naval history such as the Centennial because the reservists play such an integral part of the success in Michigan and have the only Navy presence within the state, "said Yeoman Senior Chief Petty Officer (AW) Amy Kelly, command senior chief, NOSC Detroit.

The mission of NOSC Detroit is to generate mobilization readiness by providing administrative services, training support, and world class customer service to Reserve personnel in support of surge and operational requirements for the Navy and Marine Corps team, and Joint Forces.

It's important to highlight and celebrate all of the accomplishments of reserve Sailors, both past and present. Michigan reserve Sailors have played a vital role in the overall mission accomplishment of the Navy while deploying all over the globe.

Throughout each year, NOSC Detroit prides itself on superior mission accomplishment by averaging 60 mobilizations of Sailors, performing joint operations through open house events, conducting community outreach and ensuring to maintain an active involvement with the veteran presence of the Navy League, said Kelly.

"Navy Reserve Sailors make an exceptional commitment and sacrifice when they agree to serve our nation," said Shin. "As a Reserve Sailor, they are committing to learn and maintain new skill sets, travel away from home to where the missions are, and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation, all while still meeting the demands of their civilian career and taking care of their family.  I have found that our Sailors demonstrate extraordinary perseverance and dedication in honoring their commitment to serve.  They truly represent the Navy's core values of honor, courage, and commitment."

For 100 years, Navy Reserve Sailors have answered the nation's call in times of war and peace. From communities throughout Michigan, men and women left their homes trading out civilian clothes for Navy uniforms.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and be part of this great milestone," said Shin.  "I was born in South Korea and immigrated as a child with my family.  Having experienced and seen what other nations offer, I truly appreciate the opportunity and the freedom this nation provides to its citizens, and I am continuously grateful that I can be a part of a Navy who contributes to the defense of that freedom and opportunity."

"I'm honored to be part of the great history of Navy reservists," said Kelly. "I'm in love with being a command senior chief and I take pride and ownership knowing I have the opportunity to help others while impacting their career in a positive manner. It's an experience that will last a lifetime."

The command includes 23 staff members, both officers and civilians, 18 full-time support and active-duty Sailors as well as approximately 550 selected reserve Sailors.

NOSC Detroit is comprised of 20 units including Voluntrain 1325, NSF Sigonella, 4 MAW MWSG46, NCHB 10 Fuel, Sigonella EOC, AP 1301, NMORA 0192, USW OPS DET 0, MTOC SELF, EUCOM JAC 0592, SIG 0192, CNE-C6F MPP 413, NIOC GA-Detroit, PHIB CB 2 112, NMCB 25 DET 2625, 4DB 14DC Det 4, Surgemain Detroit, OSU 1301, 4MD 1124 and EMF GL ONE 2.

NOSC Detroit is one of 123 Navy Operational Support Centers fleet-wide that will be celebrating 100 years of Navy Reserve service this year.

"It's an exciting time," said Kelly. "I'm very fortunate to be serving during the Centennial and celebrating 100 years of the Navy Reserves. It is a once in a lifetime experience."