Base Announces Summer Air Show

  • Published
  • By 127th Wing Public Affairs
SELFRIDGE AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, MICH.-- Selfridge Air National Guard Base will host the USAF Thunderbirds and highlight military technology during its next Air Show and Open House scheduled for August 22 and 23, 2009, bringing together the people, aircraft, and military equipment from across service branches. 

With a focus on the advancement of military technology, the base will exhibit displays from hybrid-vehicle technology to robotics to training simulators which have improved military operations to their current standards and fostered improvements in warfighter support. NASA has committed several displays to be set up in the field for participants to explore. 

"We're very excited to be bringing back the Thunderbirds this year to an event that brings out so many hundreds of people in our community to see what we do right here at Selfridge," said Major Jim Rossi, the 2009 Air Show Director. The last time the Thunderbirds appeared at the base was 2003. "With a usual count of about 150,000 people for the event weekend, we expect this show to bring upwards of 200,000 people or more to the base to see what we do for our country on a daily basis." 

The Air Show will showcase personnel and modern and future military aircraft and hardware that are currently contributing towards the global war on terror. Besides the Air Force's premier demonstration team, acts currently committed to the show include all aircraft stationed at Selfridge ANG Base such as the Air Guard's A-10 "Warthogs" and KC-135 "Stratotankers", the Coast Guard's HH-65 "Dolphin" helicopters, the Army National Guard's CH-47 "Chinook" helicopters. Air Show favorites which have also committed include the MIG-17 "Fresco", T-1, F-104 Starfighters, T-6 Texans, B-25 Mitchell, C-47 - Skytrain, MIG-21 "Fishbed", Greg Poe (Fagen Oil) MX-2, Brett Hunter, Gene Soucy and Wingwalker, Mike Wiscus (Lucas Oil) Pitts, Oregon Aero Skydancer and Skywriter, and static displays of a variety of aircraft. Orange County Chopper has also signed on to participate. Aerial acts and static display aircraft and other equipment are still committing to the show and this list continues to grow. 

For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities, availability to showcase local technologically advanced equipment, and updates to the upcoming the Selfridge Air Show,  visit the Air Show site at