127th Wing Gets New Chemical Suits

  • Published
  • By TSgt. Dan Heaton
  • 127th Public Affairs
Say goodbye to messy charcoal. 

The Michigan Air National Guard is making the move to a new type of chemical warfare suit that not only provides better protection for Airmen, but also eliminates the mess of residual charcoal covering uniforms, bodies and everything else the old suits came in contact with. 

Say hello to JLIST. 

The Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology, or JLIST, chemical warfare suits are lighter and don't leave behind any charcoal mess, said Staff Sgt. Jerry Link, supply management journeyman with the 127th Mobility Support Group. 

"That's the first thing we notice, no mess," Link said during the April Unit Training Assembly (UTA) as a steady stream of Airmen from around the 127th Wing came in to pick up the new suit. The wing received the first of the new suits in late 2008 and has been making the transition since, with priority given to those who are planning to deploy overseas. 

The JSLIST is the product of a four-Service effort to field a common chemical protective clothing ensemble including a lightweight protective garment, multi-purpose overboots and gloves. According to the U.S. Army Study Guide, each component of the JLIST is based on state-of-the-art materiel technologies that have undergone extensive user evaluation and field and laboratory testing. 

According to Staff Sgt. Tevis Williams, who works with Sgt. Link at the MSG Processing Center, Airmen receive new JLIST overcoats and overpants to replace their previously issued equipment.

"We're still using the same boots and gloves," Williams said. "And you no longer need to use the hood, because there is a hood on the JLIST overcoat." 

According to the Army Study Guide, JSLIST Program objectives included reduced heat stress, compatibility with all interfacing equipment, longer wear, and washability. The JSLIST replaces the Battle Dress Overgarment (BDO). 

Link said about a quarter of the wing has already made the move to the new suit.
The MSG Processing Center is located in Hangar 9 and is open during regular duty hours. No appointment is necessary to pick up the new suit.