Selfridge Airmen Learn Self-Aid Basics

  • Published
  • By TSgt. Dan Heaton
  • 127th Wing Public Affairs
"You may be the difference between if a person survives or not," Technical Sgt. Mike Kerr told about a dozen Airmen during a hands-on training session at the 127th Medical Group facility during the November Unit Training Assembly at Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

"There may be a time or a situation where there is no medic and what you do determines if your Wingman lives or dies," he said.

Self-Aid and Buddy Care is a required, two-part training program for all Air Force Airmen, from basic enlistees to wing commanders and beyond.

"It is just the basics, but it is the basics that can make all the difference," said Maj. Steve Corl, a nurse in the medical group. "We are teaching people the basics to allow them to be responsible for their buddy."

During the course, Airmen take either an on-line course or attend a live lecture at the medical group. Taken as a lecture, the course lasts about an hour and reviews the care skills taught in Basic Military Training and listed in the Airman's Manual. The lecture is then followed up with a hands-on course that lasts about an hour and provides information on controlling bleeding, carrying a person on a stretcher, immobilizing injured limbs and similar skills.

The Self-Aid Buddy Care training is required for all Airmen at least once every two years and no more than six months prior to any deployment. A longer course is also taught to those deploying to certain locations.

"The skills you learn in the class apply not only in a military setting, but can come in handy in any emergency situation," Corl said.