127th ARG Earns AMC Honor

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  • 127th Wing Public Affairs
The 127th Air Refueling Group has been honored for accuracy in its fueling operations. Air Mobility Command announced the award as part of AMC's Energy Incentive Award Program.

The 127th was named the top KC-135 wing in the AMC for fueling accuracy -- minimizing the number of over-fueled sorties. An over-fuel exists when actual ramp fuel exceeds planned ramp fuel by 1,500 pounds or more.

The Air Force is the second largest consumer of energy in the federal government and has set multiple goals to reduce consumption and increase energy security.

As AMC leans forward to support these goals, mission accomplishment remains the ultimate goal.

Col. Kevin Trayer, AMC Fuel Efficiency Office director of operations, said "effectiveness in mobility air forces" is the cornerstone of what AMC is doing in its energy conservation efforts.

"Getting [resources] to the warfighter on the ground is our first priority. As we accomplish that, we also exercise the responsibility of being good stewards of our nation's resources," Trayer said.

For more information about the AMC's green incentives, visit www.amc.af.mil/energy.