10 Energy Saving Tips at Selfridge Air National Guard Base

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10 Energy Saving Tips at Selfridge Air National Guard Base

1) Close the door: Are there hangar doors or other large doors that are open during heating/cooling?

2) See a problem? Report it!: Don't assume that CE knows about your problem.

3) Bring a sweater: Nearly 70 percent of a building's energy use comes from climate control. Can wearing a sweater at work be a better alternative to a space heater.

4) Appliance reduction: How many mini-fridges and coffee machines does your office really need?

5) Outdoor awareness: See outdoor lights left on that don't need to be or a broken sprinkler head? Report it.

6) Be an energy hero: Did someone in the office leave a light on after leaving the room? Turn it off.

7) Use sunlight: Make the most of direct sunlight by opening blinds or other window coverings during the winter months. (Likewise in the summer, close blinds, etc.)

8) The 1 degree difference: Adjusting thermostats during the day - and ensuring that they are turned down at night (in the winter) can make a big difference in a month's time.

9) Night monitor: While computers generally need to be left on at night, the monitor can be turned off, to generate a big cost savings.

10) Car pool: Have a co-worker along your route? You can cut your personnel gasoline bill in half by sharing a ride.

Remember, saving energy makes Selfridge a more attractive base for possible future mission assignments.