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  • Overcoming Life's Hurdles

    When the road is rough, the strong get tough. Life is full of hurdles, natural and manmade, and your success is gauged by your ability to clear the hurdles. Once a hurdle is cleared each additional hurdle becomes easier to overcome. Most, however; will not clear the first hurdle. And subsequently you stop trying to clear them at all, after a failed
  • We Stand Ready -- In All Aspects

    The 127th Wing motto is "We Stand Ready." This wing has proven on numerous occasions that we are ready, willing, and able to fulfill any and all tasks given to us. We've deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Guam, and many other countries that some of us did not even know existed previously. We have fulfilled all of these obligations with
  • Notice Each Other

    In my opinion, the ARG had a very successful UTA in December. And here's how I define successful: we "noticed" each other. I made it one of our priorities for the December UTA to make time to visit with each other. I asked supervisors to ensure that our Airmen had opportunities to share some camaraderie over drill. I was great! I know many of our
  • Gratitude for your service

    I would like to wish the entire 127th Wing happy holidays and let's all look forward to a great new year. I want to express my gratitude in having had the opportunity to work with you as a fellow member of the 127th Wing. All of you have shown your talent and dedication with exemplary performance in day to day training, inspections, training
  • Happy Holidays

    With the end of the year at hand and a new one approaching, I would like to take a moment to wish all every one of the 127th Wing and all the personnel that work here at Selfridge a happy holiday season. In a time of year so heavily invested with expectation, its most enduring gifts are often lost, but it is precisely these I hope all of you
  • Diverse Reasons to Give Thanks

    On July 16, 1917, Capt. Byron Q. Jones gathered together the men of the 8th and 9th Aero Squadrons at Selfridge Field. All the people wearing military uniforms that day were men. In fact, they were all white men.It was the first day of flying training at the brand new base. Before Jones, one of the first pilots in the Army, could demonstrate his
  • One Year Ago Today

    On a recent morning, at my kid's soccer game, another parent engaged me in a conversation about how much more different this fall's foliage was than last year's. I had to humbly admit that I could not make the comparison. Last year I spent the fall and the holidays deployed to Afghanistan with the rest of the 107th Fighter Squadron. She started
  • Are You Ready?

    From time to time I have the opportunity to present one of my personal Command Chief coins to a Wing member who exhibits outstanding performance. Recently I did that and, seeing the Wing shield embossed on my coin, was reminded that our motto is "We Stand Ready." Have you ever given thought to that?As I wrote this article, hurricane Sandy was
  • Toolkit Preps for Inspection Cycle

    We are once again back into the MAJCOM inspection cycle so with this article I hope to provide a little insight on what units should expect. First our self inspection may feel like just another tasker that takes away from our everyday focus but the key to MICT is in the title. Management Internal Control Toolset (MICT) is the interactive
  • Have a plan to be ready

    I know that the chief's column usually is a commentary about core values or leadership, or any number of other subjects like that. This month, this chief is not going to do that. Instead, I would like to talk to you about preparing yourself and your family and friends for a disaster. In the last few years the 127th Readiness and Emergency