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  • We Truly Do Stand Ready

    Last week I was asked if I could write the commanders column for this issue of the Prevailing Wind. Having a couple of ideas of what to write about, I looked over the last four issues in order to not repeat anything already said. I knew that our wing was busy, and with so many of us so focused on the daily task at hand and what is on the horizon,
  • Military Maturity

    As First Sergeant and Wing Fitness Program Manager I have Airmen come to me with reasons why they are not attaining and maintaining an excellent physical condition so often that I have coined the term "Military Maturity". Webster's defines military as, "of, for or pertaining to the armed forces, war, or soldiers; befitting, characteristic of, or
  • Preparing for a winning season

    A short time ago, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo who came to Selfridge for a visit. The coach was at our base to get fitted for a flight suit and equipment that he planned on using to fire up his team and their fans on the eve of the 2011-2012 season. He chose a "Top Gun" theme to both show
  • Change is coming; are you ready?

    Whether we like it or not and whether we are ready or not, major changes are going to occur in the Air National Guard. As we all know our country is in the middle of a massive debt crisis. Cuts have to be made in the budget and the Department of Defense with the largest piece of the pie is an easy target. We can all count on the fact that the Air
  • Who will help me lead this Wing? Will you?

    Who will help me lead this Wing? Will you?That may sound strange coming from an enlisted guy. Many think it is the Wing Commander's job to lead the Wing. Or, perhaps, all commanders. Or even all officers. But I would argue that leadership is also an essential responsibility of our NCOs, Senior NCOs and especially Chiefs.We are not just called to be
  • Thoughts on being a good wingman

    With all of the current emphasis on supporting our fellow Airmen by being good "wingmen", I felt that it would be both interesting and useful to look at how the role of wingman has evolved historically. In addition, I will discuss what we expect wingmen to do both in peacetime and in combat. Finally, I wanted to give you my thoughts on ways in
  • Holiday Message from the Commander

    To all our wing members and their families, Season's Greetings! The wing has been at an incredible pace this past year and I am proud of everyone's dedication to standing up our newly assigned missions and meeting all our inspections head-on with energy. The recent "Excellent" rating received on the AMC Unit Compliance Inspection and the