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  • Volunteer Groups Raise Funds while Helping Troops Wrap Up the Perfect Present

    Community groups can raise funds for their worthy causes while spreading some holiday cheer as BXs and PXs across the globe are actively soliciting partners for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service's annual community gift wrap program. "Our research confirms what we've long suspected; exchange shoppers are time stressed," said Selfridge General
  • Training to control the skies

    From a darkened room, at the base of the tower, Nicoli Ogilvie issued her commands: Today, a half-dozen aircraft, ranging from military F-16s to tiny single-engine Cessnas, are responding to her directions. A New Yorker, Staff Sgt. Ogilvie is a member of a Pennsylvania Air National Guard unit who has been training in Michigan for the past year.
  • Michigan Military Family and Community Covenant signing

    Lansing, Mich.-Michigan mayors, elected officials, military leaders and Lt. Gov. John Cherry Jr., will convene in the Governor's ceremonial office, Nov. 12 at 9:30 a.m. to sign the Michigan Military Family and Community Covenant. Covenant signings are taking place nationwide as states gather together to show support of U.S. military men and women
  • 127th Ops Group Group Changes Command

    Michigan Air National Guard's 127th Operations Group and 107th Fighter Squadron held a change of command ceremony Sunday, as Lt. Col. Leonard Isabelle Jr. assumed command of the group in front of a formation of the group's F-16 pilots, maintenance and support personnel and other wing officers and airmen. Lt. Col. Isabelle enlisted in the Michigan
  • Total Force Refueling

    Add another milestone to the long history of the Michigan Air National Guard's 127th Wing. After becoming one of the newest mission-ready refueling groups in the Air Force earlier this year after the completing a transition to KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft, Wing airmen were buzzing in November after refueling the Air Force's newest fighter aircraft,
  • Truck 4, Prepare for Rescue Operations!

    (crackle..."Exercise announcement... Aircraft down, Crash Truck 2 and 3 set up a perimeter... truck 4 prepare for rescue operations...") ALPENA COMBAT READINESS TRAINING CENTER, Alpena, Mich. (OCT. 18, 2008) -- I am a metal husk. On a lot of days, I sit quietly in the northern Michigan sun. When I see a transport plane land at my base, though, and
  • Firefighters tackle tough training in Alpena

    Imagine seeing a plane surrounded by flames, hearing sounds of women screaming and babies crying inside, and rushing inside to rescue survivors, all while carrying more than 50 pounds of gear. It may seem like a ridiculous scenario, but for Selfridge's own firefighters, this is an annual training requirement that mimics a possible reality. Every
  • New National Guard Army Aviation Support Facility at Selfridge

    Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Mich. -The Michigan National Guard held a ribbon cutting ceremony here today at the new home of Detachment 1, Bravo Co. 3-328th Aviation Regiment, and its CH-47 Chinook helicopters. The small ceremony was marked by the presence of many local community members and representatives from Boeing, Inc., the manufacturer
  • Alert Mission comes to an end at Selfridge

    Since that unforgettable morning on September 11, 2001, the F-16s at Selfridge Air National Guard Base have patrolled local skies and stood alert, ready to answer the nation's call to identify or intercept unresponsive or otherwise threatening aircraft. On Oct. 2, the 127th Wing officially handed off the alert mission to the 180th Fighter Wing,
  • Fire Prevention Week Scheduled for October 5-11

    Your home should be a safe haven. But do you regularly check for home fire hazards? If not, there is the potential for danger. Fire departments responded to nearly 400,000 home fires in 2006. That's why the theme of Fire Prevention Week 2008 is "It's Fire Prevention Week: "Prevent Home Fires!" From October 5-11, 2008, Selfridge Fire Department will