Still in the Fight

  • Published
  • By Col. David Brooks
  • 127th Air Refueling Group
We are all members of the Profession of Arms. Professionals take ownership in in their professions. Your profession is much more than a job, it is a calling that you are dedicated to and willing to sacrifice for. Ours is the Profession of Arms. Make no mistake; there are no number of CBT's or ancillary training requirements that can make you into a Professional Warrior. Practice seeing yourself as the constant defender of our freedoms. Never get distracted from your true calling as Airmen and Warriors for our Great Nation!! Grow and harvest within yourself the "Warrior Mentality". Constantly remind yourself that you have sworn a sacred oath to defend the things that we hold dearest: our American freedom, liberty, and justice. We commit to defending our Constitution with our lives.

We have Airmen from this wing currently deployed to the fight, once again. These Airmen from the 127ARG answered the call only weeks ago and volunteered to return to the fight on short notice. They are professionals with a Warrior Mentality. We all must rededicate ourselves to the long struggle we face. Recent world events have made it very clear that we must remain vigilant, ready, and able to fight. That's what being a Warrior all is about. I guarantee America's enemies are willing to die to destroy that which we hold dearest. We must meet that threat with an overwhelming sense of strength, courage, and determination. We must demonstrate an overpowering force of character and will, the likes of which cannot be defeated.

I challenge you to enhance your own Warrior Mentality.

Reflect on what it truly means to be a member of the Profession of Arms. Understand that our Nation is engaged in a long struggle with enemies that seek our complete annihilation. Know that we are the ones sworn to defend against these enemies. Comprehend the gravity and awesome responsibility that we hold as America's Airmen. Never let your guard down. Always be mentally ready to fight our nation's most determined and brutal enemy whenever and wherever needed. Embrace your Profession and understand that we live and die by the sword, as have all warriors throughout human history. This is our calling; this is our Profession of Arms!