Quality, Safety and Teamwork equals: Mission Accomplishment

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Harold Shipley
  • 127th Maintenance Group
I've had great opportunities to serve in many positions throughout my career and know successfully meeting mission requirements is our primary goal. To achieve this, three equally important components quickly come to mind that have to happen.

Quality can be described in a number of different ways, depending on the perspective and the product or process involved.

"Webster's Dictionary defines quality control as "an aggregate of activities (as design analysis and statistical sampling with inspection for defects) designed to ensure adequate quality especially in manufactured products." Attention to detail, following written procedures and being proficient at your tasks are vital at ensuring quality.

A great way to measure quality is Quality Assurance (QA), whose role is to evaluate and assess personnel proficiency, equipment condition and manage programs that increase reliability. The technician is on the front line in this process since they have most of the exposure to the equipment and the maintenance functions, and it is important that management and the technicians have the same mindset when it comes to the quality process. The goal and end result is to have a positive effect on readiness and mission.

Safety and quality go hand-in-hand and it's not possible to have a safe reliable aircraft without some sort of QA program and a strong Safety Team. To help ensure work place safety they are many measures and tools available to all of us. We must always use the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
available to help keep you and others around you safe. Always follow and adhere to warnings and cautions in written instructions and technical orders.

Other important measures are safety inspections to include fire, equipment and facilities that do take time out of our busy schedules but could very likely save a life during an emergency. All of us have at one time or another may have had "Tunnel Vision," but we must work together not to become complacent and be aware of our surroundings. We have an obligation to remove or report any safety hazard as soon as possible in order to help prevent mishaps.

Teamwork and the "Wingman Concept" are paramount in meeting our mission. It's vital to make every effort to get to know the members of your team. By showing sincere interest in each other, it creates mutual respect, instills pride and a solid framework to build from.

Today, with all the multi-tasking, extra duties and constant changes, it's imperative we come together to overcome all challenges.

Safety and quality are as much a state of mind as a team working together with one goal in mind: Mission Accomplishment.

About the 127th Wing
Comprised of approximately 1,700 personnel and flying both the A-10 Thunderbolt II and the KC-135 Stratotanker, the Michigan Air National Guard's 127th Wing supports Air Mobility Command and Air Combat Command operations by providing highly-skilled Airmen to missions domestically and overseas. The 127th Wing is the host unit at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, which marks its 98th year of continuous military air operations in 2015.