Organize to live your life with less stress

  • Published
  • By Chief Roy Moore
  • Selfridge Fire Dept.
The never ending tasks we face each day can sometimes seem insurmountable! As Citizen-Airmen, we are professional jugglers in an ever-changing world. We not only execute the mission on a daily basis, we ensure our career progression along with our subordinates. We also provide for our family, engage in a hobby or two and possibly even pursue a college degree. All of this while maintaining a constant state of military readiness in order to deploy anytime, anywhere in defense of freedom. We live by the motto, "high speed-no drag"!

With this lifestyle, it's easy to see that some of the details may get overlooked or ignored.
The daunting task of being organized and prepared in only one area mentioned above would overwhelm the vast majority of ordinary American citizens; however, we're not ordinary citizens! We're world-class warriors with incredible resolve and perseverance. We have a higher calling to serve and protect our way of life and as a result, the status-quo is not an option. We've demonstrated time and again that we thrive in adversity and continuously adapt to the myriad of changes at work and at home. The better we become at managing all aspects of our lives, the more successful we will be as Citizen-Airmen.

In order to become more efficient, we must take the time to formulate a game plan and continuously set/monitor achievable goals. With the numerous inspections and deployments that loom on the horizon, the 127th Wing needs your unwavering commitment.

We do more with less every day and that trend will continue into the foreseeable future! Unless you've had your head in the sand for the last two years, you know the defense budget is shrinking at an alarming rate. Less money will undoubtedly correlate to fewer resources, including our most precious commodity -- personnel! Basically, it's not going to get any easier anytime soon so start now by circling the wagons and get your professional and personal affairs in order so you can become a more efficient and effective leader.

It's often overlooked how numerous "little issues" can add up to become much larger issues when left unresolved. In our fast paced world, this only compounds itself exponentially over time until the burden becomes so great that it affects the mission, your health and mental wellness. How do you eat an elephant? One spoonful at a time of course!

So get started today by developing and prioritizing that punch list of "things to do" and start whittling away at all those details in each area of life. As we press forward, don't be a caboose with the brake on!

Instead, be the diesel locomotive out in front leading the charge and I guarantee you when you look back, there will be a steady line of hard charging warriors following in your footsteps!