Toolkit Preps for Inspection Cycle

  • Published
  • By CMSgt. Roddy Humphrey
  • 127th Maintenance Group
We are once again back into the MAJCOM inspection cycle so with this article I hope to provide a little insight on what units should expect.

First our self inspection may feel like just another tasker that takes away from our everyday focus but the key to MICT is in the title. Management Internal Control Toolset (MICT) is the interactive application designed to help all levels of leadership implement the self-inspection and checklist management program requirements defined in AFI 90-201. MICT employs a set of comprehensive and versatile self-inspection tools that allow all levels to efficiently self-evaluate and address deficiencies where necessary.

Self-inspection programs provide commanders with a vital tool for internal assessment of unit health and complement external assessments.

What is this really all about? Helping us know what we don't know or can't remember or never received training on and sometimes what we just ignore hoping it will go away. The toolset can facilitate the flow of information up and down the supervisory and inspection chains, each level of authority is assigned specific roles, responsibilities, and visibility within MICT, here is what to except: 1) Compliance Evaluations consist of formal and informal interviews, both of which will be two-way dialogues. The formal interview will occur in two separate sessions an "Initial" Interview in which inspector's will actually ask the person certain questions on the checklists and mark them according to the interview itself. Inspector's will then conduct a "Follow Up" interview with the person in which they will provide the person with the compliance data for the remainder of the checklist questions based on the performance evaluations. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the technician or supervisor's job proficiency, degree of training, and ability to follow technical orders and directives.

Procedures to manage MICT Checklist(s):1. "Yes/Comply" questions: Provide a complete narrative explanation that is sufficient to substantiate the assessment in the "Notes" box along with the location of supporting documentation to each checklist question. 2. "No/Non-Comply" questions: Type in the Note box: "See deficiency report." 3. Select the Manage Deficiency tab and complete the Manage Deficiency section. 4. In the Deficiency box, provide a complete narrative explaining the cause for the deficiency. This box can also be used to state the status of the deficiency including a description of the plan for correcting the deficiency, the possible need for assistance or HHQ intervention or assistance, etc., to resolve the deficiency.
5. Corrective Action Plan box will only be used when a resolution has been achieved and the deficiency is ready to be closed and should include a description on how the deficiency was corrected and/or implemented. Supervisor/Commander will be notified via email that deficiency is ready to be reviewed. Supervisor/Commander is responsible to validate that the corrective action has rectified the deficiency. NOTE: significant and minor deficiencies will only be closed by the Supervisor. Critical deficiencies will only be closed by the appropriate unit commanders. In the deficiency level box, critical level will be used for Critical Compliance Item (CCI) questions. Significant and minor will be used for all other deficiencies.
7. In the Deficiency Cause Code box, you will use the appropriate code IAW AFI 90-201 Attachment 7, Deficiency Cause Codes and Explanations. 8. In the Deficiency Cause Description, provide a brief explanation for the cause. 9. Closing Inspections: Supervisor or Commanders will Initiate Overall Assessment in MICT, this will "close" the inspection. However, before clicking on the Initiate Overall Assessment button ensure that the MICT Checklist POC has followed the procedures: If the MICT Checklist has open deficiencies, the checklist will not be closed until the deficiencies have been corrected and closed.

I hope this information will help.