Are You Ready?

  • Published
  • By CMSgt Robert Dobson
  • 127th Wing Command Chief
From time to time I have the opportunity to present one of my personal Command Chief coins to a Wing member who exhibits outstanding performance. Recently I did that and, seeing the Wing shield embossed on my coin, was reminded that our motto is "We Stand Ready." Have you ever given thought to that?

As I wrote this article, hurricane Sandy was headed for the East Coast. National Guard members throughout the northeast went on alert. Many were called to duty to assist with disaster recovery operations. Many of us have served in similar operations both domestic and overseas. To effectively serve our State and Nation requires that we always stand ready.

Not surprisingly, AFI 36-2618, "The Little Brown Book" provides guidance in this area. Airmen and NCOs are charged to "maintain the highest level of readiness to meet mission requirements." We are called to:

* Be Technically Ready - to maintain proficiency in our AFSC and to pursue CCAF completion,

* Be Physically Ready - to actively participate in physical fitness training and to meet AF fitness requirements,

* Be Mentally Ready - many factors and situations can distract us from being focused on the mission - see para for a list of areas we should be alert to,

* Be Spiritually Ready - to develop those personal qualities that help us through times of stress, hardship and tragedy,

* Meet all pre-deployment requirements.

While these requirements are listed only in the Airman and NCO portions of the Little Brown Book, I would like to suggest that they are good guidelines for all of us - to include SNCOs and Officers.

Are you ready? Is your Wingman ready? Perhaps now is a good time to be asking yourself these questions.