Happy Holidays

  • Published
  • By CMSgt. Henry Ryan
  • 127th Air Refueling Group
With the end of the year at hand and a new one approaching, I would like to take a moment to wish all every one of the 127th Wing and all the personnel that work here at Selfridge a happy holiday season. In a time of year so heavily invested with expectation, its most enduring gifts are often lost, but it is precisely these I hope all of you receive in plenty: health, fulfillment, the presence of friends and family.

Beneath the glitter and the packaging and all its transient aspects, the holidays are about absolute things, things that matter, things that last. This is something to which we should be particularly attuned as members of the Military and employees of the 127th Wing an organization whose core values are similar: reverence for the land and for our past, for the nation's story and its physical well-being, commemoration, inclusiveness, and understanding. These are the good works and altruism that are at the heart of our mission and that resonate with a particular clarity in the holiday season.

I thank you for your all the deployments, hard work and steadfast leadership over the past year and I look forward to continuing with you into the next. And it is with a sincere hope for the health and happiness of all that I wish everyone a good holiday season and happy new year.