Notice Each Other

  • Published
  • By Col. Dave Brooks
  • Commander, 127th Air Refueling Group
In my opinion, the ARG had a very successful UTA in December. And here's how I define successful: we "noticed" each other.
I made it one of our priorities for the December UTA to make time to visit with each other. I asked supervisors to ensure that our Airmen had opportunities to share some camaraderie over drill. I was great! I know many of our folks really made an effort to be "present" to others. Considering our wing and its members; that's really not a difficult task. We all have much in common and much to be proud of.

I might suggest that we keep in mind a resolution to "notice" each other more as we go about our duties in 2013. It isn't hard these days to burn through an entire UTA, jammed with training requirements, deployment preparation, and mission activities, only to finish the weekend and realize there is precious little time devoted to "catching up" with your fellow Airmen. I'm not suggesting we forego all of those important requirements, but I am suggesting that we decide to build camaraderie at every opportunity.

The Airmen in this wing are an extraordinary bunch! We all take time from our families and livelihoods to serve. We serve with and for each other. We come to rely on each other for mission accomplishment, for wingman support, for professional and personal development. It is easy to recognize, support, and encourage the outstanding accomplishments of the Airman next to you; and you should!

I wish all of you, and your individual units, a very successful 2013 -- a year, I hope, in which we can all "notice" each other a little bit more.