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Default Air Force Logo Embracing Change
Our ability to handle change, both as individuals and as an organization is a major reason we are the premier military in the world. When faced with uncertainties on the battlefield or in the air, U.S.military forces adapt, overcome and are ultimately successful because we welcome change and harness it to our advantage.Much of the uncertainty which
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Default Air Force Logo Learning to follow in order to lead
I was afforded the opportunity to speak to the satellite Airmen's Leadership School here at Selfridge a few weeks ago and I chose an unusual topic for a leadership class. I chose to talk to them about followership. It is interesting that many of the spell checkers on your computers will kick that word out as did mine until it learned that was the
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Default Air Force Logo Persevere - Adapt - Evolve
Deep budget cuts in military spending have haunted us for the past few years and it seems there is no end in sight. Year after year, the cuts have been causing great transformations in the military we once knew. These transformations can make us anxious, cause uncertainty and de-motivate us. We may feel unsettled about our future, fearful, and in
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Selfridge Military Air Museum officials recently announced their 2012 general public hours of operation for their Museum and Air Park.  Visitors to the museum will see their almost $5,000,000 worth of displays including a full-scale historically accurate replica of a World War I fighter plane, the SPAD XIII, an interactive cutaway and motorized World War II aircraft engine, an interactive Air Traffic Control radar display, an extensive display of original aviation art produced by noted aviation artists, a Korean War era "Jeep", and three aircraft cockpit trainers, a modern F-16 "Fighting Falcon", a Vietnam-era A-7 “Corsair II”, and a World War II LINK trainer that guests can actually sit inside, plus a wide variety of military memorabilia including weapons, aircraft engines, military uniforms, military aircraft models, and photographs spanning the over 93 year history of the Base.   (US Air Force photo by John S. Swanson) An ever-changing Air Force
My co-worker's son graduated from Air Force Basic Military Training last week. It was a basic training totally different - and yet completely the same - from the one I graduated from 29 years ago. I sat in rapt attention as I heard about how mom and dad were present for things like the Warrior Run and the coining ceremony. Families attending BMT
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Default Air Force Logo The Enlisted Force Structure
Are you familiar with the Three Enlisted Force Structure Tiers? Our guidance on how to be an Airman at every stage of your career comes directly from the "Little Brown Book," AFI36-2618.Here are the basic requirements at each tier of an enlisted Airman's career, and some questions to ask yourself. Junior Enlisted Airman Tier:This tier consists of
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Default Air Force Logo My Country 'Tis of Us
(Part of a series of stories about Michigan Air National Guard Airman originally from different countries.)My country got stronger by a factor of 40 this morning. At 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014, 40 people from lands literally around the globe took the Oath of Allegiance to the United States and became American citizens in a short ceremony
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Bags containing an Emergency Passenger Oxygen System, or EPOS, are seen aboard an U.S. Air Force aircraft. (Air Force photo) Flying With The EPOS Bag
At about 10 minutes after 10 o'clock on a Thursday morning, Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Liggins gave me the words that may save my life one day. He pointed to a little green bag hanging along the passenger compartment of aircraft 58-0049 and told me how to use the Emergency Passenger Oxygen System. Ah, yes. The EPOS bag. If you fly aboard an U.S. Air
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Default Air Force Logo What are Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century (AFSO 21)?
First of all, let me congratulate everyone in the Wing for their efforts and performance during the January, 127th Wing Unit Effectiveness Inspection. During the Unit Effectiveness Inspection that was performed by the ACC IG and AMC IG, we heard a lot about the AFSO 21 program. I thought I would take the time to describe and familiarize you with
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Default Air Force Logo Focus and Uncertainty
On a cold morning in the winter of 2012, we received the news that the A-10s where going to be removed from the 127th Wing. From that day forward we have been on a rollercoaster ride like no other I have seen in my 32 years at Selfridge Air National Guard Base.Sequestration, no budget and Continuing Resolutions (CR) for the past few years has made
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Default Air Force Logo As Consistent as a Prevailing Wind
Prevailing Wind that is the name of our Wings' e-newsletter, but what does that mean? Wikipedia defines prevailing winds as "winds that blow predominantly from a single general direction over a particular point on the Earth's surface." To me, that means constancy. It does not say that there is never a variation. It does not mean that there is never
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